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Welcome at the Euro OES Forum

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Welcome to the Euro Oes Forum and the EURO OES SHOW, the annual highlight for all us people who love the Old English Sheepdog. This fantastic and warm hearted tradition has been attracting OES lovers from all over Europe as well as from overseas, since its start back in 1987. This event has grown year after year and is still today uniting people and culture from all over the Globe, sharing that one passion and love called the Old English Sheepdog. This event is so much more than “just” a dog show, it’s a Valhalla for people looking at dogs from all over Europe, to learn about the breed, share experience and know-how, enjoying the excursions and the seminars and of course to have a ball at the festive Gala Dinner.

After a two-year break caused by the coronavirus situation, we are back on track and we enjoyed a great Euro Oes Show in Germany 2022, followed by a great Euro Oes Show in France 2023 and then we had a great Euro Oes Show in Finland 2024.  Now we are looking forward to seeing you all at Euro Oes Show 2025, which will be held in Denmark.

Warm regards from the Euro Oes Forum,

Barbara Müller (CH) – Claude Ritter (FR) – Lisa T. Nielsen (DK) – Karolina Morrison (CZ) – Sophia Bilsheim (D)