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Welcome at the Euro OES Forum


 Attached the rules and guidelines which are to be followed when organizing the Euro Oes Show, in order to give all the shows the same possible quality. The OES Club elected to organize a Euro Oes Show, will therefore accept the terms and conditions as stipulated below:

      1.The show carries the name “EURO-OES-SHOW”

      2.The show will be organized following the kynological rules and regulations of the hosting country, preferably with the CAC to be given.

  1. The main judge will be the one,  judging Crufts 2 years later ie. the 2020 judge will be the 2022 Crufts judge. The co-judge should be a breed specialist and to be decided by the main judge. If for some reason the main judge is unable to judge at the Euro Oes Show, the judge judging LKA ( Ladies Kennel Association ) 2 years ahead, will be invited. He or she will then choose a breed specialist as the co-judge.

      4.Every official European OES Club, can apply to organize the Euro Oes Show which will then be decided by the Euro Oes Forum. To cover the cost of the Forum ( homepage, gifts, extra trophies for the show etc.) the organizing club will pay 2 Euro for each registered dog at the show (except Brace, Breeders & Progeny Classes) to the Euro Oes Show Forum.This amount to be paid between the closing date for entry and the date of the show Account No.: IBAN CH6900700350045438619

5.The judges who are judging at the Euro Oes Show, are not allo­wed to judge on the continent 12 months prior the Euro Oes Show.

6.The following titles will be awarded:

-Best European OES male 

-Best European OES female

- Etcetera

  1. An information flyer containing next year’s show dates, country, place and name of judges, should be available during the Euro Oes Show the year before at the Gala dinner. The information must be written in English as a minimum. A homepage describing all activities, day by day program, presentation of the judges, the venue, entry forms, show rules & regulations, to be completed min. 8 months prior to the Euro Oes Show and in English as a minimum

8.The Euro Oes Show is to be held during Whitsun with the actual judging taking place on Whitsun Sunday and seminar, excursion and other activities on Whitsun Saturday. Only if the national Kennel Club objects to the chosen date, can this be moved and as close to Whitsun as possible.

  1. Prizes and trophies dedicated to the Euro Oes Show are as follows:
  • * Trophy for Best In Show
  • * Joachim Pilz Best Junior Trophy
  • * Award for Best Breeders Group
  • * Award for Best Progeny Group
  • * Macopa/Arthrug Tray for Best Of Breed

 It is the responsibility of the organizing club to make sure all trophies will be present at the Euro Oes Show the following  year

  1. A show catalogue to be printed for all participants of the Euro Oes Show as well as for the members of the Euro Oes Forum
  2. Zero Tolerance Policy: The safety and well being of the dogs is to be of paramount importance. Incidents such as leaving a dog tied up in a gallow on the grooming table as well as   

leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle ( regardless of the outside temperature ) is not acceptable, and the organisors will take immediate measures  


  • The accommodation is preferred to be in one hotel and close to the show ground
  • The Gala Dinner is preferred to take place in one suitable room  
  • People being part of the local organizing committee not to show 


  1. Once a year at the Euro-Oes Show a meeting is arranged, unless reasons oc­cur to meet more frequently.
  2. At the meetings are invited the members of the forum and if needed members from the national club committee
  3. Decisions are made by consensus of the members of the forum. The members of the commit­tees who are present are entitled to give an advisory vote.
  4. At the Euro-Oes-Show the forum decides which county will organize the show 2 years in advance
  5. In case of withdrawal from the Forum for whatever reason, the member of the Forum may propose another member, if needed


Revised February 22nd, 2020 by LTN