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Welcome at the Euro OES Forum

Best in Show: Ch Air Zeppeline Daphnee

Breeder: Matteo Autolitano

Owner: Svetlana Saveleva

Judge:  Ms Kim Reeves, Co-Judge: Mrs. Sally- Duffin

# Entries 73



Best opposite:

Ch Bottom Shaker The Greatest Picture

Breeder: István Szetmár

Owner: Jozsef Koroknai


Best Minor Puppy

Griland Living Legend

Breeder: Karina Grigorian

Owner: Karina Grigorian


Best Puppy

Stairway To Heaven Otake

Breeder: Martine Lemaire

Owner: Martine Lemaire


Best Junior

Reata's Vector Space

Breeder: Davor Javor

Owner: Sjaak & Nelleke Meijer


Best Veteran

Griland Masterpiece

Breeder: Karina Grigorian

Owner: Karina Grigorian


Best Group


Best Couple



Full results:

MALES:Minor Puppy class:

Very Promising 2. Glenn Miller Shaggy Edition
Very Promising 1. Griland Living Legend

Puppy class:

Absent Reata's Xenses

Junior class:

Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior BIS Reata's Vector Space
Excellent 2. Rolling Stone Of Snowboot Bears
Excellent 3. Czarlinda's Quick Change Of Mind
Excellent 4. Oracle Of Reality Dream
Excellent Reata's Winter At Royal Croft
Absent Owen The Best Lords Of Cuzay

Intermediate class:

Excellent 1, CAC Grizzly Dream Dancing In The Dark
Excellent 2, R.CAC Noble Victoire Dit Naxos Of Reality Dream

Open class:

Excellent 1, CAC Griland Thorughout The World
Excellent 2, R.CAC Elton John Shaggy Edition
Excellent 3 Bagatelle Deja Blu Moon
Excellent 4 Pulverfass Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Excellent Redings Retreat With Silver Panda
Absent Air Zeppeline Diagoras From Aryakas
Absent Nice Love Wilson Lords Of Cuzay
Absent Orfeusz Alkajos Millanion
Absent Shaggy Beauty Cleveland Brown

Champion Class:

Excellent 1, CAC, BOS, R.BIS Bottom Shaker The Greatest Picture
Excellent 2, R.CAC L'Atout Coeur Of Reality Dream
Excellent 3 Dustin Hoffmann Shaggy Edition
Excellent 4 Dannish Delight U R The One
Excellent Allesio-Maestro Von Canis Carnuntum
Excellent Only For Fun Glan
Excellent Smolin's Dog Je T'Amie

Veteran class:

Excellent 1, CAC Smolin's Dog Georg Frederik



Minor puppy class:

Very Promising 1, Minor Puppy BIS Smolin'Dog Krasa Povolgiya
Absent Beauvallon Annabella Of Aryakas

Puppy class:

Very Promising 1, Puppy BIS Stairway To Heaven Otake
Absent Shaggy Blue Bob's Alexia

Junior class:

Excellent 1, HPJ Remember The Sweet Dreams Of Snowboot Bears
Excellent 2 Czarlinda's Quite Easy To Love
Excellent 3 O'La Parisienne With Arthrug Of Reality Dream
Excellent 4 Shero Woo Ayrum
Excellent Enchant I Have A Dream Iuna

Intermediate class:

Excellent 1, CAC Nefertiti Of Reality Dream
Excellent 2, R. CAC Quick Kiss Me Quick Of Snowboot Bears
Excellent 3 Snowdowne Vienna Remember Me
Excellent 4 Shaggy Blue Bob's Yippie Yah Yai
Excellent Shaggy Blue Bob's Zendaya
Absent Perfect Harmony Of Silver Whirlwind

Open class:

Excellent 1, CAC Shaggy Blue Bob's Way To Go With Mirene
Excellent 2, R.CAC Youandi Millésime
Excellent 3 Griland The Magic Queen
Excellent 4 My Beautiful Butterfly Kisses
Excellent Air Zeppeline Gaia Triana
Excellent Czarlinda's Piece Of Happiness
Excellent Q'Mona Lisa Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Excellent Quadriga Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Excellent Royal Croft Josephine
Excellent Snowdowne Special For Europe Shaggy Edition
Excellent Thank You Dei Nobilpazzi
Absent Dzino Best Bagira
Absent Oktawia Ohana Millanion
Absent One And Only For Silver Whirlwind

Champion class:
Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, BIS Air Zeppeline Daphnee
Excellent 2, R.CAC Shaggy Blue Bob's Undercover Girl
Excellent 3 Shaggy Blue Bob's Umberta @ Blue Zottels
Excellent 4 Danish Delight Yasmina
Excellent All You Need Comes To France
Excellent Bottom Shaker Easy Secret Girl
Excellent Grizzly Dream Count On Me
Excellent My Beautiful Amanda Girl
Excellent Youandy Wanna Life My Lifestyle
Absent Only For Fun Lara
Absent Orange Blossom Of Silver Whirlwind
Absent Shaggy Beauty Cheesecake Factory

Veteran class:

Excellent 1, CAC, Veteran BIS Griland Masterpiece
Excellent 2, Res.CAC Grizzly Dream Blaze Of Glory
Excellent 3 Danish Delight Qintessa
Absent Back To My Roots Topknott From Redings Retreat



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